Our Church

“Upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."  

[Matthew 16:18]

As a loving and caring body of believers, we will seek to make Christ known both locally and globally, through our words, the things we preach, teach and speak to others; through our lives, the way we live, give and behave as a witness before others; and through our service, the way we express the love of Christ in an effort to meet the spiritual and felt needs of others.


Pleasant Green Baptist Church (PGBC), located in Portsmouth, Oh, situated on the banks of the Ohio River, has a rich history and grace-filled heritage since being  established in 1864. We are a Bible-based and God-fearing congregation, with a style of worship that blends both traditional and contemporary music. We think of our church as family, who loves and cares for one another, and experience the joy of serving and being in fellowship with others of like faith. One of the outstanding strengths of our church is its commitment to missions and outreach.


Even with the many changes that have taken place in our local community and throughout the world; the mission of our Church yet remains unchanged. We are charged to continue the work of the ministry as we prayerfully work our way through a number of issues including a decrease in attendance and the need for a new shepherd. In spite of our challenges, we remain focused on our ministry to the poor, homeless, recovering adults, transitional men, single adults, children and families.